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Advertising Lightbox Exhibition: Characteristics of Advertis
Advertising Lightbox Show provides you with the best solution for marking the new era. It will take you to lock in the most business opportunities this year. Welcome to the exhibition if you are interested.
Stainless steel LED advertising light boxes are widely used in the field of ultra-thin light boxes, mainly because of the wide use of stainless steel LED advertising light boxes, good advertising role, simple production, low cost and so on. In the case of stainless steel LED advertising light boxes so popular, non-industry people may not know that the production of advertising light boxes will use those technology? Below the decision of the advertising light boxes exhibition, let us elaborate on the stainless steel LED advertising light boxes in the production of more commonly used technology.
1. Heat Transfer Technology
The reinforcing body ink on the flexible lamp box cloth is hot-pressed, which is dazzling and gorgeous day and night, and can replace the adhesive. The surface layer with maintenance light film has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet and active removal of fouling. Thermal transfer technology is an ideal technique for advertising light box, especially for fonts and cartoon pictures, with a shelf life of 5-8 years.
2. Advertising Lightbox Fabric Tightening System and Profile Lightbox Technology
It can make the lamp box strong, flat, all used, and can withstand wind power of 100KM/hour.
3. Seam of advertisement lamp box lamp box cloth
High frequency and high pressure hot seam, using special welding tape and special seam tape, is an assistant technical method to deal with the picture of lamp box.
4. Computer Spray Painting
Widely because the processing of advertising light box picture, clarity of 9, 12, 36, 72, DPI, etc., suitable for the width of less than 5M, suitable for different directions, different intervals of advertising light box light box and production. Recently, the high-definition and large-scale spraying equipment which has entered the Chinese market abroad are 240DPI, 360DPI and 5M in width, but the price is high and the applicability is limited, so it is not suitable to be widely implemented.
After reading the above, you must want to know more about it. Welcome to the Advertising Lightbox Exhibition.
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